Brian D. Meeks likes to tell a story.

Brian Meeks

Brian Meeks is an Indie eBook novelist.

He enjoys words. He likes their meaning, their sound, the cadence of them in groups, and how, when wielded with a deft touch, they can stop time. A tear wrought from the pages of a novel is like a magic elixir.

He takes joy in crafting the silly, sprinkling on a bit of the absurd, and mixing in a dose of unexpected. When he does it well…there will be laughter.

He wants you to wonder what comes next…to sense the excitement of a journey as it unfolds.

Brian D. Meeks is on the cusp of 47 years old in February 2014. He hated writing until Jan 2, 2010, the day he accidentally wrote a blog piece and people he didn’t know told him they liked it. Since that day he has crafted over 1500 blog posts, not skipping a single day, and most of them can still be found here on the blog. Some, however, were cast out into the wild (guest posts), or taken down, but most are still here warts and all.

He has written and published a number of novels.

He has also written and published one non-fiction, Two Decades and Counting: The Wins, The Streak The Hawkeyes Thru the Eyes of Roy Marble.

Beyond just writing novels, he has learned that there is much joy to be had on the publishing end, too. He’s also found that writing novels is the easy part…selling them is where the real challenge lies. Over the last few years he’s gotten a handle on publishing/marketing and enjoys writing about his discoveries along the way. He wants to help others discover the joys that come with writing and publishing…to realize their own dreams.

The blog began as a place to explore woodworking. He doesn’t get down to the shop much anymore, as there is little free time, but he still plans to continue with his hobby once he’s gotten his children (the books) out on their own.