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A Touch To Die for

A Touch To Die For. An eBook published by author Brian Meeks.

A Touch To Die For:

Mitch is facing the real possibility that the woman of his dreams may actually feel the same way about him. He’s in love and blissfully unaware of the man that has been following him.

What if a man, slighted, carried the bitter taste of that moment around with him for a lifetime?

Paul is successful, a genius, and obsessed with revenge. Killing Mitch won’t be enough to ease his pain. He decides to pin a string of killings on the successful author. Paul wants to ruin Mitch’s life and send him off to rot in a cell. He wants to live out his days basking in the glory of the perfect revenge.

The murders begin in Italy. Alexis Liao, a former FBI agent, is brought in to consult on the case. After two bodies are discovered, both with the same ATM mark, she know they have a serial killer on their hands. There are just two problems, no reasonable suspects, and after the first two victims, the bodies stop coming.

Praise for A Touch To Die For

“It begins the morning after a romantic encounter. Mitch can scarcely believe The Girl could be interested in him, yet here she is, wanting him not to leave the room.

After a brief trip to Europe to clear his head, the successful author and incognito blogger returns to the U.S. and asks her for a second date. With the help of his cynical but efficient assistant, the happy couple enjoy a whirlwind romance in far-flung locales.

Meanwhile, a string of grisly murders begins. The local police call in a hard-drinking former investigator, an American with uncanny instincts, who starts to make connections to Mitch. Of course he is innocent, but will he be able to figure out how to prove it, and who is really responsible, before his newfound happiness is shattered?

Brian Meeks creates characters we can not only believe, but empathize with. Even the bad guy is not really so bad. A TOUCH TO DIE FOR kept me reading way past my bedtime, and it was worth every drop of next-morning coffee!”

– Scott Oliver  5-Stars

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