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Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding (Book 4)

Book 400 x 400 slider images HWEU_4Book four in the Henry Wood Detective series

Edge of Understanding continues the Henry Wood series’ genre-busting mysteries. Those who enjoy a shadowy criminal antagonist along the lines of Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis Moriarty will like the Enclave.

1955 has been a good year for Henry, now, someone wants to ruin it for him. A recent series of murders all appear to have connections to Henry, and it’s more than just a coincidence. Is there a new serial killer in the Big Apple? Is someone trying to set Henry up?

Henry doesn’t have time to worry about them, though, he’s on another case. Or so he thought when he agreed to look into Mrs. Palmeroy’s fears her husband may be planning a murder…his own. Invited to spend the weekend at the Palmeroy’s Henry soon learns that his client has brought him there under false pretenses. Lies become truths in this tangled web of a mystery.

Readers who like their mysteries with lots of twists and turns will love Edge of Understanding.

Book categories: Mystery