Underwood, Scotch, and Cry is Off

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgThe day after my birthday was awesome, too. I got a lot done, the most important bit was going through the corrections my new (and awesome) assistant made.

All my novels go through two editors and then a beta reading team. I decided to have Laurie give it a read, too, because she’s good at finding mistakes. Also, each one she finds is one less thing each of the other editors have to deal with and that’s a good thing.

To give you an idea about how many corrections she found and I had to review, it took me four hours to read them all.

I just got it sent off to Brian, who’s my first editor, and he’s already written back that he will begin work today.

Another highlight of the day was the great ISU win sending them to the Sweet 16. Go Cyclones!



Hello Mr. Meeks, I've just finished  Henry Wood Detective Series and cannot wait for the next book! Please let me know if you need beta readers, I enjoy proof reading and have done editing for a friend who writes.

Thank you for your amazing books:)

Kind regards,