Last Tennis for a While

Tonight’s tennis during double league was awesome. I played on court three with three other guys who were all really good players. The first set I got to play with Rich. He is the best player of the four of us and has an amazing serve.

We won that set 6-2 which was very satisfying. The next set I played with a gentleman whose name escapes me but we got beat 6-1. They were on fire. Scott was my partner for the third set.  We were easily the two weakest players of the four, we won the first game.

They won the second game but it was close. The next game, I was serving and we won, so now we’re up 2 to 1. They then went on a run and got up 5-2. We got one more game before they won the set. Still, it was a good night I scored 10 points and tied for second

It’ll be several weeks before I get to play tennis league again. I’m leaving for Austin, as you know, on Friday. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a blast.


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