Getting Ready for the Road

Bunnies Make Me Happy

Bunnies Make Me Happy

I really struggled to get yesterday’s post up. I wrote it, then thought I’d hit publish but didn’t. The next day I got a message from Dad that it wasn’t up.

I went back and I had somehow deleted it, so I wrote another one. Then I didn’t hit publish again. I just noticed that when I went in for tonight’s post. Ugh…my mind is elsewhere.

I’m so excited about my forthcoming trip to Austin for back to back conferences that I can barely stand it. Today, I did a bunch of things to get ready including buying some cool technology for the drive down. It’s a thousand miles and I love a good road trip.

I’ve been working to get good at Dragon Dictate and am making progress. My buddy Honorée uses it and she also uses an app called Dragon Anywhere. I asked her about dictating while driving and if the noise was too much and she said it wasn’t because she uses a Bluetooth ear piece that does a good job of just getting one’s voice.

Once I heard that I had to have one.

I bought the ear piece, a little holder for my phone that attaches to the air vent, a new charger, and a cool Bluetooth speaker that clips onto my sun visor. This is going to be a great roadtrip.