Getting A New Racket



I had a bunch of errands to run today. I was organized and efficient except for one thing…I forgot my laundry when I left the house.

That blunder aside (I did it after the other stuff) it was a fantastic day. The best part was my tennis racket shopping.

I’ve decided to buy a new racket. I’ve got two which are fine, but when I broke strings in both of them while hitting against the ball machine, I realized I needed a third. Tennis rackets are the tools of the tennis player.

Back when I was doing a lot of woodworking I would save up to buy new tools. Tool shopping for guys is the equivalent of  shoe shopping for gals. We love it!

I used to spend months sometimes reading reviews and specs before finally making my purchase. The extra effort in the research department never let me down. I’m doing the same with my tennis racket.

There is a place in Iowa City that lets a person demo a racket for five dollars. One can do it as many times as they like, but each time costs another five bucks. The best part is I get a punch card and the total amount I spend trying out rackets comes off the purchase price. So it’s almost like making a bunch of tiny down payments while I decide.

The first racket I tried out today for an hour. It was heavier than my other two and I loved the extra weight. The string pattern wasn’t quite what I’m looking for, but everything else was fantastic. I’m giving that racket an A-.

The exciting part is that if I don’t find another racket I like better, that racket still allowed me to hit the ball harder than I’ve ever hit in the past. It’s thrilling to crush the ball.

I’m on a little bit of a post-tennis ball crushing high right now.

The next racket is similar in design but with a string pattern that closer approximates the rackets I have now. I’ll be testing it out on Sunday.

I’m just feeling wonderful.