A Better Call To Action

Henry Wood Time and Again _ Final _ Clean copyOne of the most important components of succeeding in publishing and marketing of books is the building of a readership. To do this one needs to make sure that people who enjoy one’s writing are aware when new work is published. I’ve done a poor job of asking people to subscribe to my newsletter list in the back of my books.

Today, I crafted a better call to action for the back of Time and Again.

Dear Reader,

Thanks so much for giving Henry Wood: Time & Again a read. I hope you enjoyed getting to know Henry and his friends.

If you’d like to know when book four, Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding, is released, I’d invite you to sign up for my mailing list. Don’t worry, though, I won’t sell your names or send too many notices to your inbox. I reserve it for announcements regarding my new novel releases.


There is one question which I’m asked all the time…why is there a closet to the future in your novels?

On Jan 2, 2010, I wrote my first blog post about my foibles in learning woodworking. It was well received and so I wrote another post the following day.

When Jan 30th rolled around I hadn’t missed a single day. On that day I hadn’t been able do any woodworking, but I didn’t want to break my streak, so I decided to write the first chapter of a noir mystery.

Naturally, I named my protagonist Henry Wood and of course he loved woodworking. I mean, I did write a woodworking blog, so those were nods to my readers. The only thing I had done relating to woodworking that day was to buy a Bosche router.

I had mentioned that I was considering the router purchase so I included the time travel closet as a way to get my router from 2010 back to 1955. When I wrote the first chapter (actually chapter two in Henry Wood Detective Agency) I didn’t imagine I’d ever write any more of the story.

My woodworking friends wanted to know what happened next, so every time I needed a post, I’d add a bit more to the story. I ended up accidentally writing four Henry Wood Novels and I’m currently working on the fifth.

So that’s the story of how a time travel closet ended up in my detective stories.


Brian D. Meeks




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