1500 is a Nice Number

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgIt just sneaks up on you, that 1500th consecutive blog post. I wish I’d noticed earlier in the day, because I might have put some thought into all that’s happened since Jan 2, 2010.

I’ve written about woodworking, social media, and writing, mostly, and learned a bunch along the way. The blog, which was originally all about woodworking, has morphed into a place where I write, talk about writing, and discuss publishing and marketing of my ebooks.

There aren’t many of you regular readers out there, but I appreciate each and every one of you.1500

I don’t know where this writing thing is going to take me. I have a sense that the place is going to be wonderful, though, because if the journey is any indication, it has to be.

April 26 will mark another sort of anniversary for me. It was the day last year when I re-launched the first book in the Henry Wood Detective series along with book two. It would take a while to go back and figure out how many sales I have total, but I do know that I’ve had over 1,000 paid sales since September of Henry Wood Detective Agency. That’s not bad at all.

Again, if I had figured out this was a special post, I might have done some research and given you fine folks lots of good data, but alas, I didn’t…and there is Olympics on.

So, it’s been a fun first 1500 posts. Thanks for the encouragement that has helped me keep going.

And a special thanks to Sandy and Howard Meeks (aka Mom and Dad) who have been my best cheerleaders.


1500 posts?  1500 posts?!  1500 posts?!!!


That's a shit load.  Congratulations, Brian.

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @PerryBlock Thanks Perry. I've had far more fun writing them than I would have ever imagined pre Jan 2, 2010.

Danny Brown
Danny Brown

Huge congrats, mate, that's an awesome achievement that I know takes a lot of dedication, stamina, commitment and hard work. Here's to the next 1,500!