I’m Just Heartbroken

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Earlier today I found out that something terrible happened. It made me sad.

It may seem a silly thing when you read the story, but for me it was just devastating.  You see, this blog began as a place where I wrote about my foibles in woodworking. Along the way I made some friends on Twitter who encouraged me to write.

A little encouragement goes a long ways, so I continued to practice making stuff and I wrote about it. When I didn’t have anything to write about, I added a chapter to my first novel, Henry Wood Detective Agency.

Once my skills became passable, I started to make some tiny boxes. I would write blog posts about the process, the mistakes, how I fixed them, and what I learned in the end. Because I was finding my feet as a writer, I often gave the boxes names. The first one was named Henry.

Henry with his other Tiny Box Friends. He's in the middle.

Henry with his other Tiny Box Friends. He’s the one in the middle.

I loved that tiny box dearly and was thrilled when my friend Bob Borson, who started blogging about the same time I did (Life of an Architect), wanted to buy it. Henry would have a good home.

Henry_092010_1 copy

Henry, just before he left for his new home with Bob.

You see, at the time I was poor…very poor. I had only a few dollars and had been surviving on eggs and Ramen noodles. Bob’s purchased literally bought me food for a couple of weeks. Henry was special because, not only was he the first thing I made, the name of the detective in my books, but Henry the tiny box was also featured in first book.

Just before Thanksgiving, Bob’s home was broken into. They stole a bunch of stuff, including Henry the tiny box. (See the damage by going to his blog post I liked to above) The people who have him don’t have any idea that this little piece of beginner woodworking means the world to me. Bob loved Henry, too.

It just breaks my heart to think what they’ve done with poor Henry. I gave him personality through my blog and can’t think of him any other way but scared and unloved, possibly sitting in a dark closet or in a bag, alone.

That tiny box represents the beginning of my writing career, my friendship with Bob, and so much more. I hope the police find the people who stole Bob’s stuff. People who steal are just mean…and suck.

Henry was last seen in the Dallas, TX area.

Bob's an architect. Henry loved architecture, too.

Bob’s an architect. Henry loved architecture, too.


I am so sorry to hear about Henry box. I don't think it's silly at all, and can empathize with you.

(Although, to be honest, when I saw "Earlier today I found out something terrible happened. It made me sad." I thought you were referring to the passing of Nelson Mandela. Not trying to minimize your pain or put it into perspective, just saying that was what I thought you were blogging about!)

I went to Bob's blog to read about the robbery. It made me happy to see that Bob is looking at the bright side, which is that it wasn't made worse by vandalism, and his pets, etc. are okay. I am sorry his house was violated and they lost personal property. I feel bad about Grandmother's jewelry, which can never be replaced. But at least everyone is all right. 

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @MaryEllenK Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. Yes, I suppose compared to Nelson Mandela, it is a really small thing.I had a grand father pass two summers ago at age 96. It was hard to be sad because he lived such a long wonderful life. When my grandfather was born the life expectancy in Iowa was 57 for a male. I suspect it was similar for Mr. Mandela, or worse when you factor in 27 years of prison.


I guess I sort of think of Mr. Mandela in the same way I did my grandfather. I'm more thrilled that he had 39 extra years, than saddened that it came to an end.


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your thoughts. It really does mean a lot to me.


Somehow you'll work this experience into your writing because it's about connection, love, passion, loss, and heartbreak. Imagine the adventures Henry's having. He's out of the closet, as they say!

So sad for Bob and you. :(


This really is a sad thing - you know how much I loved Henry the box - he was beautiful. The people who robbed my house mostly took computer stuff and my wife's jewelry ... and Henry. I'm not sure why they took this little box, maybe they liked Henry as well, so that's what I choose to believe.