Underwood, Scotch, and Wry…editing

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgThe NFL started after a bit of a weather delay. Still, it is good to have the season on the way, as I love football.

Not much happened today, except that I was inspired by my advertising setback. I sent out a couple of requests to places I’ve used before and got to work on my next novel.

Underwood, Scotch, and Wry is back from Erin, and I’m going through the comments. It is wonderful to work on the edits. Yes, I said wonderful. I used to hate this part of the process, then the last book wasn’t so bad, now I’m actually enjoying it.

I found myself chuckling at some of the writing, which is always a good sign. I also had a few good ideas for how to launch this book. I’m not sharing them,  yet, but I think it will get the book off to a good start.

I also continued my pursuit of reviews. I heard back from one reader who saw I already had five. He thought that was enough, so didn’t actually read the book. It was strange, because he’s an author, but apparently isn’t as deeply involved in the marketing of his books. Conversely, I heard back from a gentleman who wasn’t sure how to do a review. He wrote a wonderful email telling me about how much he liked Secret Doors: The Challenge. I wrote back and told him he had just written a great review.

I also heard from a friend of mine, as I was writing this post, and he just finished the book, too. Naturally, I went into sales mode and closed him on writing a review. I’m sure it is annoying, but getting reviews is part of the process. If I’m going to succeed, I need to “put the word to the streets”, to borrow from The Blues Brothers.

Well, that is all for tonight. Be good.


I think people actually like writing reviews--- the same way they "like" cleaning their house. It might not might be their favorite thing to do, but they love how they feel when it's done!