Smart Quote…Dumb Quote

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgThere isn’t always fun and excitement in the book business. Some days one doesn’t write, or edit, or market, or sit in a café thinking of the next adventure, some days the wordsmith fixes mistakes.

Yes, that sounds like editing and maybe it is, but all I’ve done since last night’s post is make it though about 60% of Secret Doors: The Challenge changing dumb quotes to smart quotes. It isn’t hard. I just delete the quotation marks and replace them. Scrivener makes them smart quotes.

I have no idea why Scrivener didn’t make them smart quotes when I put the document into it in the first place. Perhaps it was spite? Though I can’t imagine what I’ve done to make Scrivener unhappy. It was likely just something to do with how my original document was set up. It doesn’t matter, because I’ve yet to figure out a way to fix it without replacing each set.

The little voice in my head has told me, more than once, that it doesn’t matter and few will notice. This is likely true, but it reminds me of long hour spent in the woodworking shop sanding.

I don’t know why the first 90% of a project is easy and enjoyable to sand. (for me at least)  It is the last 10% that is so monotonous that I struggle to keep going, the voice screaming, “Enough already.”

But it isn’t, and I don’t stop.

I’ve yet to produce a flawless published book. I’ve done my best though. With the smart quotes I know what needs to be done and how to fix it. There isn’t any excuse or little voice that will make it okay to just let it pass.

So, I keep fixing. Then I take a break and make a snack and fix some more. At the end of this road is a treat (unrelated to the snacking), I get to go through the edits for A Touch To Die For. I’m looking forward to that. I better get back to work.


....maybe you should relate it ALL (the treats when you're done) to snacking! Works for me!