For the Win…and the Loss

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgA Sunday at the ballpark with a giant hotdog, blue skies, and my dad. Des Moines’ Iowa Cubs (48-50) faced the Albuquerque Isotopes (56-42). We left home at around 11:40 and headed to Sec Taylor Stadium (Not the actual name, as they’ve sold the naming rights, but I’m old school, so I sticking with what I love)

When I was young they were the Iowa Oaks, but when they became a Chicago Cubs franchise the name changed. I was still pretty young when that happened, and as such, don’t remember the year, but I’m pretty sure you don’t care either, so I’ll move on.


I tried the find the boxscore online, so I could give some accurate details, but I failed. I do know that the opposing pitcher tossed a no-hitter into the sixth inning, while the Cubs pitcher had yielded only one, himself. It was some high quality baseball.

When we got to the end of the ninth inning it was all tied up at one run each. This means we got bonus baseball, which is always nice. By this time our seats were in the shade and it made for perfect sports watching. I didn’t stress out about books or publishing or world domination at all during the second half of the game.

The clever among you (which I assume is ALL of my lovely readers) will have done the math and realized that the game continued until the eighteenth inning. There were some spectacular plays during extra frames that kept each side from bringing the game to a close. That is, until the top of the eighteenth when the Isotopes got hot and plated four runs.

The Cubs, who would get a base runner, would not advance him as the next batter hit into a perfectly executed double play. It was too bad, for us Cubs fans, but we got to witness a game that tied for most innings in franchise history. And we got to enjoy hotdogs, blue skies and time with Dad. So, in my book, that’s a win.

Okay, now back to MY books.



Any article about both Iowa and baseball makes me happy.  


Great way to spend a day off, family, comfort food and and a good game in perfect sunshine 



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