A Touch To Die For editing is done

A Touch To Die For_Face Cover copyTicking things off the old publishing list makes me happy. Sadly, one of the items I had hoped to draw a line through was “get accepted by Bookbub”, but it was not to be. I’m zero for three on my submissions, but have already tried again under the category historical fiction. May I have a group finger crossing, please?

This was the news I awoke to this morning. There was a period of sadness (about 15 minutes) then it was time to move on. There are book left to be published and many more to write. Erin finished with the edits for A Touch to Die For and so I had a full day going through her notes. Cross that one off the list.

With the editing done, I’m now able to put the novel into Scrivener, which means the next step will be to send it out to anyone who wants to be a beta reader. I suspect that most of you fine folks who show up here daily, read it as the novel was being written, but if not, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list.

Next on the list will be taking care of the details for publishing Secret Doors: The Challenge. One must assign ISBN numbers, write the description for Amazon, and then to the uploading. Also, because I have made a change to the last bit of the book, I’ll need to run that part past Erin, so she can fix any errant punctuation.

I had hoped to get all of this done this week and there is one more day to go, but even if I come up short, it has still been a good week. Okay, back to the virtual grind stone.