Working on the Brand

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgThe brand is growing and I needed to update things. Wendy LaPlaca pointed out that I needed some stuff about my books on my Twitter background. She was right!

Once I got started I realized that there was more that needed to be brought current than just the Twitter page. My FB page and G+ page also got a fresh coat of awesomeness. After playing in Photoshop for a long while I put together something I liked.

It didn’t take a long time to go around and upload it. In the past, I’d have drawn out the process over a few days. I’m not sure why, but I was all about getting it done, today. This is a good thing. It might have something to do with a conversation I had with Braxton A. Cosby on Twitter earlier.

He is a writer, too. His website is really impressive and I asked if he had done it or had he hired someone. He did it himself. I was impressed. The conversation started because of a tweet he had sent out “You’ve got to want it, more than you are afraid of it – Bill Cosby”, who is his uncle.

I basically took it to mean that fear of success needs to be overcome. I’m not sure I’d say I have a fear of success, but it is always possible to step up one’s game and want it even more. So, I threw myself into the tiny details that are easy to put off…and off…and off.

Updating social media sites has always been one of those things that I continually shove down the priority list. It took a nudge Braxton and a reminder from Wendy to get it done.

Henry Wood Series Background 3 Spots copy

The thing about momentum is that the hard part is getting started, once you’re moving, it is easy. After I finished with the graphic design portion of the evening, I went straight into “Tell people about my Henry Wood Detective page on FB”.

This is another thing I’ve avoided. There isn’t any excuse. FB makes it easy to tell the people you’re already connected to, you just need to click. Your FB friends can then decide if they want to “like” or not.

I didn’t send an “invite” to all of them, because there are some people I know don’t enjoy reading. There are plenty of people out there who might know I’ve written a book or two, but with a slight nudge may give it a try. Even if they don’t, should they choose to hit “like” then the number of people that will see my updates increases.

You see, FB only lets a fraction of your page fans see updates. They want you to pay to send it out to the rest. I have 120 people who “Like” my page now and most of them are readers. If I add another hundred, even if they are ragingly ambivalent about Henry Wood, it still increases the reach of my posts. That is a good thing. Also, it looks cool having a bigger number up there.

If any of you would like to “Like” my Henry Wood page, here is the link. It would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Hi Brian, 


I see you are affiliated with Amazon Associates, this is AWESOME!!!!! Um, I dunno who Henry Wood is. But then, I'm not really a true reader of fiction books. I'm more likely a non fiction reader and non fiction writer. Anyway, you've done a great job designing your own Wordpress website. 




I love that you explain how things work. You inspired me to go Like the HWDA page!


Also, not sure if you saw, but a guy I used to work with has "added [your books] to the queue". Not sure if that means he actually bought one, yet, but I hope so!



LOL! Where's the link??? Love the graphics. Good job!




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