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Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgAt a minute past midnight, Pacific time (2 am Central), the next six months of my life starts. Okay, that may have been a little overly dramatic. Still, I’m pretty excited.

 Many of you who read my blog have been following along as I’ve written my last couple of novels, but haven’t tried my mysteries. Well, I’ve written four of them about a guy named Henry Wood. He’s a detective who has gotten good at just getting by. He takes easy cases and doesn’t stick his neck out, until, now.

Original Henry Wood Front Cover

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And by now, I mean book one, which, if you’re at all excited about it, you’ll be able to download for zero dollars and nada cents. I really wish you would. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it delightful. In fact, I think you’ll like it so much you’ll want to buy book two…at least, that is the plan.

The first book has been well received. As of the writing of this, it has 24 reviews with a 4.7 star rating. It is currently ranked #583,027 in the Paid Kindle Store. I mention it, only because I want a record of where we’re starting. I’ll post updates throughout the day on how we are doing.

I’m also excited to announce that Erin Feldman of Write Right put a fresh coat of editorial polish on Henry Wood Detective Agency. If you ever need an editor, well, you can’t have her…back off!!! She’s mine.

But wait…that’s not all. Not only am I re-launching the first book Henry Wood Detective Agency, I’m also debuting book II…Henry Wood: The Wrath of Kahn…no, wait, that wasn’t it. Oh  yes, Henry Wood: Time and Again. It is available for $4.99, which I’m sure you’ll find is a bargain, as I introduce a new character named Celine. She’s delightful.

Front Cover Time and Again Final copy

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Many of you have raised your hand and said you’d be willing to help spread the word. Some have offered up their blogs for guest posts and I’m still writing a few of those. Over the next few hours and into tomorrow, I’ll be sending out emails to those for whom I have addresses, with a list of things that would be helpful in letting people know about the launch.

This is all for now, but tonight’s post will be an ever evolving story…come back for frequent updates.


  1. Update: HWDA is now live and available for free. <Just click.
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Update:  As of 11:00 am


267 copies of Henry Wood Detective Agency

3 copies of Time and Again

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Update:  We're currently at 422 sales, ranked 1684 on free, 20 Crime, 82 Mystery.

Erin F.
Erin F. 1 Like

Hahaha! I really did laugh out loud at that paragraph about me.  :D


Celine is a delightful character, so I hope people will get the second book. Of course, they need the first one so that they can learn about Luna and the mystery closet, too...

tomstronach 1 Like

Good luck Brian I have added this to my reading list 

Kupke 1 Like

Challenge accepted.  I am still trying to save up enough to pay you the $5 for the Berkshire stock level bet, so finally my chance to read has come.  Although I fully expect to enjoy it and buy the next ones, which will leave me destitute.  But perhaps one can be poor and still full of spirit, by experiencing the glory of Henry Wood.

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @Kupke Dan! Thanks. How have you been? Do you still play tennis?

Kupke 1 Like

 @ExtremelyAvg Doing well.  Trying to enjoy the existential search for meaning. Tennising here and there, I miss you putting me in my place though.  I am jealous of your discovery of your passion, and thrilled for you :)  

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @Kupke When the day comes that I'm making a metric boat load of money, I have one dream. I want to go down to Bollateri's tennis camp and obsess over it. I figure two months, then I will move on with my plans for world domination, but I could certainly swing by Virgina Beach before I retreat to my evil lair.


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