A Picture Says…

Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgYesterday, I was torn. I wanted to write the chapter I put up, but I also wanted to show everyone something.

The next big thing on my to do list is to create the cover for Henry Wood: Perception. I’ve some ideas, but hadn’t run across any images that really screamed “Yes, pick me!”, yet. I’ve spent over three hours on istockphoto looking, but it wasn’t until yesterday’s free photo, that I became excited.

So, this is the image that I am planning on using as the main focal point for my next Henry Wood book…unless you think it is dumb, then I’ll probably not use it (and weep a little)

I realize it is hard to judge if you haven’t read the story, but Celine is a major part of book three and this looks like her. At least, it looks like her to me.

Noir Woman

I was so excited about this image that I wrote an email to the photographer. It was the free image of the day, so he won’t make anything from me using it. I told him that I’d gladly buy one of his other images, if I use it, and he said it wasn’t necessary. That was very nice, but I think I will anyways…and probably write a blog post about his great photography skills.


love it, does it remind me of Audrey Hepburn pose 


That's how I do things  make choices. It has to feel right, and I can search forever! I think her look is compelling. She draws you in. She has one of those unforgettable faces! Yay!


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