Brian-Head-Shot-for-ExtremelyAvgI’ve not decided what to do next. While the football games raged on, I thought about it some, but mostly I considered what sort of stories I’d like to tell. It is likely that I’ll pick from the list I put forward the other day, but one never knows when inspiration might pay me a visit.

I was trying to remember how I started Touched or why, for that matter. Sadly, I have no memory of the moment I wrote that first chapter. I remember thinking I quite liked it, but the reason it came to be, is lost forever.

I once started a story that had a lamp as a central figure in the story. It never got finished, but for a couple of hours I enjoyed writing it. There was some inspiration, just not enough to get it off the ground. It is a good night for writing. There is a cold wind blowing outside and I just can’t seem to get started, which may be the answer I need.

So, tonight’s post has served its purpose, to help me work though my next move, and it seems I should pick from my list and get going…or I could listen to some music? Hmmm….

The second Henry Wood was launched because I was listening to Mr. Sandman, so I might hold off for a few tunes and see what happens.