Touched: Ch 1 Later

Today, I’ve been writing a bunch. When I took a break, to do a post, I couldn’t turn off the ideas. The following post is the start to something, I don’t know what, but on occasion I can’t blahg in the traditional sense, I just write. This will have to do for tonight.



The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, San Francisco, around 7 am, in their finest suite.

He looked into her green eyes and let his mind take a snapshot of the moment. Her hair, wet, the terry cloth robe hugged her body like he had the night before, and the smell was of lilac, but it was the look that would stay with him the longest. At that moment, when he froze time, her smile seemed to glow and the one raised eyebrow spoke volumes that he wasn’t sure he could fully comprehend.

Room service had brought breakfast while she showered. The dream, “The Girl”, who had been  rattling around in his mind for the better part of two decades, she stood before him now, the morning after moment had arrived.

There are questions, the asking of which leads to regret, and yet, the doubt that is chosen instead, is of equal burden. Things which must seem obvious across a cart of food, the signals, the touch, the looks, they are circumstantial by nature. We crave truth, fact, certainty, and we also yearn for mystery. Truth and mystery cannot live together.

Or can they?

Is that the holy grail of the human spirit. Perhaps the solving of that riddle is the answer to the question, simply stated True Love?

She butters a piece of toast and says nothing. She is comfortable in the silence. It shows strength. Is it a clue? He doesn’t know, maybe it is a game, her game. The first words don’t come to mind.  A piece of bacon gives him something to nibble on, a time-out, to gather his thoughts and start the journey of a lifetime. The journey of any lifetime.

He reached across and took her hand and said, “I’m leaving for a while, I can’t say how long. Upon my return, I’ll have two plane tickets with me. Will you use one of them and come along?””

He waited for the questions, where are we going, how long will we be gone, can I have a little notice, are you crazy, but she simply grabbed a piece of bacon and said, “yes”.

It was hard to remain calm. His brain was shifting into an overdrive of adrenaline, lust, and adoration. He wanted to say, Really? and find out why she would say such a thing. He wanted to ask her about that time back in the middle of nowhere, when they were alone together and he wasn’t being cool, he was being a coward. He wanted to discuss every moment of the their lives and figure it all out, but that just wouldn’t do.

The hunger he earned the night before would have to wait. He walked into the bathroom, showered, got dressed, and then picked up his keys and phone from the nightstand. He walked to the door, didn’t turn around, and heard her say, “Later” as he walked out.