My Bucket List

There has been a fun thing some bloggers have done and I thought I’d give it a try. I first saw it here. The idea is to make a list of things to do before one dies.

In no particular order…

1) Spend an entire season following the Cincinnati Reds in a truck pulling an Airstream trailer and write a book about it. I’ve done the math on this and it could be done under 100K. This past season I’d have only missed 5 games because of the distance for the travel.

2) Go to the Amalfi Coast and take lots of photos

3) Own a Hasselblad camera, digital back, and a dozen or so Carl Zeiss lenses. This would be more expensive than the baseball dream, but that is okay.

4) Ride a camel

5) Spend a couple of months driving around the country writing a book about a truck driver who is followed by a serial killer, and the police see where the trucker has been and assume it is him. I’d use real places in my book.

6) Build a castle out of shipping containers. (Well, design it, and help with the building.)

7) Run a marathon

8) Spend a year travelling the world, film the experience, with the focus to be on photographing food. Submit it to the Travel channel and have them love the idea, and buy it. I would then get a small band of food photographing groupies.  <Really it is just the groupies I’m after, they could be for anything…possibly my prowess at riding a camel.

9) Lean to draw…a camel, and then do a self portrait of me on the camel I’d ridden.

10) Take up Archery.

11) Learn to read sheet music.

 12) Learn to play the piano while reading sheet music.

These are the types of things I think about when I’m letting my mind wander. Most of today has been spent writing, so I think I’ll get back to it. Writing is fun.


Brian - there is a camel you can ride at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines - we have a membership, so I'll even get you in for free.  Just let me know the day and I'll meet you there with my camera.  :)


Whats with you and the camel?


Having lived in the Middle East for so long, I have already had had many camel related experiences! ;)


Good Luck with everything!


Hey, Brian, I remember your list and how you timed it! Fast as lightning!


I have done #4 (and have been taken for a ride by a camel as well), 9 (had to in school and gave up after my teacher did not like me drawing like Giacometti- ignorant teacher!), 10 (dabbled only dabbled), 11 and 12. Thanks for the mention.


Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes
Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes

I have been a camel rider more than once- different countries and continents. The Airstream sounds like fun to me.


I like your bucket list.  It's interesting.  I don't believe in having one - for me - I sort of shift things onto my To Do In My Next Life List.  Because in this life my husband will not let me raise chickens in the city.  So chickens are on the Next Life List.


Don't know if you still can but I rode a camel at the Cincinnati zoo a few years ago. Amazing how they plod silently with those big feet.


Also, I have always wanted to write an illustrated book following US50 across the USA from it's beginning in Salisbury, MD to the end at Seal Rocks in California.  It is one  of the last cross country highways that has not been "Interstated".  Look at a map, think of the history and sorting the hundreds of pictures you would take.  Why are some of the towns "there". who are the people in some of the remote stretches.  How many states does it go through, how many state capitals does it go through.  For you, you youngster, it is a possible!


Don't know if you still can but I rode a camel at the Cincinnati zoo a few years ago. Amazing how they plod silently with those big feet.


Also, I have always wanted to write an illustrated book following US50 across the USA from it's beginning in Salisbury, MD to the end at Seal Rocks in California.  It is one  of the last cross country highways that has not been "Interstated".  Look at a map, think of the history and sorting the hundreds of pictures you would take.  Why are some of the towns "there". who are the people in some of the remote stretches.  How many states does it go through, how many state capitals does it go through.  For you, you youngster, it is a possible!


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