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Getting in a zone with writing is a bit of a rush. Not, I’d imagine the same rush that Felix Baumgartner felt when he was free falling towards earth at nearly 800 mph, but a rush nonetheless. My writing muse was in the mood to inspire me, and who am I to argue.

I keep a couple of stories, secret stories, that I don’t put up on the blog, for just such an emergency. The one I worked on today is my favorite and my imagination did a good job of bringing me back into the story.

With fiction writing one has a lot of flexibility. In this world I spend a lot of time imagining the forest, trees, rivers, and mountains. The best part is adding fun stuff that mother nature never considered. Fiction even allows one to break the laws of physics. The only requirement is a reasonable explanation as to how it happens.

I didn’t break any laws, today, but I did write a lovely conversation between some really big critters. It is fun to write for talking animals. I think my inspiration has come from a TV series I’ve been watching. Once Upon a Time…is a series that is in its second season. The first season is now on Netflix. The basic premise is that all the famous fairy tale characters have been banished to Maine by the evil queen. They don’t remember their former lives and can’t leave the town of Storybook. It is really clever writing and is probably why I felt compelled to stretch my writing legs.

All told, I’ve written about 1400 words and intend to write some more. How many more, I don’t know, but I have a picture of 1820, so that will be my goal.

On the Henry Wood front, I’ve had three people volunteer to be beta readers, which has me excited. The last section isn’t back from Veronika, yet, but I keep checking my email and am sure it will be arriving soon.


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Hola, Oh Talented One! Now you're in a tribe with me; tres cool! At least I hope that was a tribe I'm in, too. Darn. I don't want to miss your stuff (which ain't malarkey!). Great changes here! I love the new look and feel!

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 @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing Thanks for the nice words about my design decisions. It is still a work in progress, but I'm happy with how it is going thus far. I'm very excited about the whole Triberr, thing. In fact, today's post is all about it.  :-)