Indian Summer

It was that day we’ve grown to expect. Sometimes there are more than one, but it doesn’t matter, as long as the Indian Summer makes an appearance. The sun shined and filled me with to do list marking off hysteria

Okay, it wasn’t really hysteria, but I did feel like it would be a good day to tackle some things I’d been putting off. The biggie was taking my computer in for a tune-up. My hard drive is setup in a raid configuration, which means that if one drive starts to fail, there is a mirror drive that steps in and rebuilds it

It is a great thing, except that I had one array that had issues. Everytime it felt sick, my computer grinds to a halt, mostly, for a couple of hours. It had been sickly for a while, but I hate having the computer not here. I feel a little lost.

So, I took it in and sadly, the computer gurus didn’t get the fix done by the time they closed. I’ve gone back to the dark ages, no computer…except for my iPhone 5 (which is more powerful than mainframes from the 60’s), an iPad (for watching Netflix) and an iPad 2, which I’m using to write this post. Oh the misery.

Tomorrow, it will be fixed…I hope.
Still, I do feel good about finally taking it in for tweaking. The list, which I keep on my Reminders app, had laundry, emergency hair cut, lunch and writing. I went to the laundry, put in the clothes, and then headed off to get my hair shortened. After that, I returned to start the dryer cycle. This, naturally led to lunch.

I love writing in public. I ordered a Lyonaise cheeseburger at The Summit, in Iowa City. That burger rocked. With iPad II in hand, I wrote about 950 words. There is something about tuning everything out and letting your mind float off into that imaginary world that is fiction, and then writing down what you see.

That is all writing is, imaging a wonderful or terrible place and doing your best to describe it with slight detail. You expected me to say exacting detail, didn’t you? Nope, that isn’t fun to read. If I wrote, “He set his coat on the hook in the hall and headed straight for the brandy at the bar nestled among the books of his Victorian Library.” Then I expect you’ll pick your own book cases, desk, possibly a stylish lamp, and warm leather high backed chair, at least, that is what I’d put in the room. It doesn’t really matter if my room is similar to yours or not, as long as you have your own room, I’ve done my job.

I can’t tell you what I wrote, because it is my double secret project, but I can tell you that today’s stuff was pretty good. It was a good day and I have Mother Nature and her warm Indian Summer day to thank. Thanks.


  1. The Absent Game

    Amongst me and my husband we have owned a lot more MP3 gamers over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (traditional & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few several years I’ve settled down to one line of gamers.