Do You Like To Laugh?

Good bloggers read a lot of other blogs. I’ve not been a good blogger. The last three days have made the obvious, as I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs I used to read religiously. I forgot how much good writing there is out there.

One such writer is Lacy, the snarky genius behind the Modern Sauce blog. I quote, “I had to wear more pants than normal like a  gaweddeamned fancy person.” She later writes, in reference to sitting on the beach under an umbrella, “This is ESSENTIAL to all of us human vampires that boil in the sun.  I felt super fancy with my umbrella AND pants!”

I like her writing because she has a great sense of humor, not in the “sense of humor”, but more a sense of what makes great humor, though the other is true, too. First she makes you laugh with a pants comment and then later, after a few more laughs, she revisits the whole pants thing and you get to experience the joy once more.

I could really just quote her whole post and be done with it, but I think you are strong enough to click on over and check it out for yourself. If you don’t, you’ll miss the photo that accompanies the comment, “They have a lot of food trucks and I like trucks filled with food.”

You see, she is able to make me chuckle without resorting to commenting about bacon. I’m not that brave a writer and will use the cured pork product to entice readers to my blahg at every turn. See, I just did it.

So, why are you still reading my drivel? I just wanted to shine a light on my friend’s blog and get back to the baseball game, so move along…nothing to see here. Go click on where it says Modern Sauce in blue above. Seriously, I’m not joking, you’ll thank me later.

rdopping 1 Like

Ok. Hilarious blog over there at Modern Sauce. Your girl Lacy is one funny girl. She is connected to a guy's site I really love (Architect) so i thought I might return the favour. I am sure @ModernSauce and @JodyBrownArch are acquainted already. Have a peek at


Oh, and thanks for the connections. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance....:-)

KDillabough 1 Like

I love to laugh! And now I have another person/blog to get to know too! Delighted that you forayed into your first #TeamBlogJack today. Just watch for that hashtag, and I'll be sure to let you know when we're in a blogjacking mood. Cheers! Kaarina

Late_Bloomers 1 Like

I thought I could sneak out the backdoor as well ... alas, you caught me redhanded! I love your sense of humour (still speaking and writing Queen's English) and as I am very partial to bacon, otherwise no pork for various reasons which reminds me of a joke I might tell you later on. How do you fry your bacon is my last question before I unplug and say bonne nuit and it was a pleasure to meet you, three cheers to future encounters!

ExtremelyAvg moderator 1 Like

 @Late_Bloomers I am limited to either a skillet and stove or microwave, but I'm sure that it should be grilled over an open pit of charcoal made from the fiery angst of vegans.

Late_Bloomers 1 Like

 @ExtremelyAvg My daughter taught me a fascinating method: preheat oven to 180° C,  put your bacon on a lined tin, glaze it with maple syrup and put it under the broiler for roughly 8 minutes or until crisp. This way you avoid burning and the bacon tastes sooo good!

The world is a big enough place for all carnivores, vegetarians and vegans, no? Oh, I have forgotten the lacto ovarians or whatever they are called, to me this sounds slightly indecent, I am sure there is something wrong here.  

ExtremelyAvg moderator 1 Like

 @Late_Bloomers Oh there is plenty of space for all, but I still love the phrase "fiery angst of vegans".

ModernSauce 1 Like

Making you chuckle without referencing bacon might go down as my most important accomplishment ever.  Thanks so much for the holler, Brian. I felt so important I put on pants to type this comment!  See what I did there with the pants and the... nevermind.

MasqCrew 1 Like

What is it with bacon anyway?

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @MasqCrew I'm not sure when it began, but a few years ago there became a bit of a movement in the world of bacon. People love it and will almost always RT or chime in on bacon related questions. Bacon is to Twitter what cats are to Youtube.


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