“Are You A Writer?” and My Answer

Betsy wrote a wonderful bit of fiction for her blog post and asked others to chime in with their own “dreams”. I did and she said she liked my story and asked if I was a writer. So, this post is actually the reply to a reply from one of my comments. This idea of saving one’s comments, as blog material is really working well…for me at least…no idea how you feel about it. Let me know.

My answer to “are you a writer?”

On Jan 2, 2010, I was alone in my house, bored, with hours to go before the bowl game. I could have done some woodworking, because it was my new hobby, but I just didn’t feel like it. So, as I often do, I started wandering around the internet. I landed on a strange place called Blogger. So, with little else to do, I blogged, or as I like to say “Blahged”.

Part of my extensive Australian guinea pig fan base. His name is Badger.

I hit publish and went on my merry way. The next stop was a forum for woodworkers. It was fantastic and after an hour of reading all sorts of cool stories, I noticed there was a button that just said “blog”, so I went back, c, returned, v, and hit post. I figured I’d already written the post, which was about my foibles in learning woodworking, so why not share it.

Prior to this day, I had hated writing with a white hot passion. I blamed my evil 8th grade English teacher, Mrs. Johnson. Well, the football game was okay, and the next day I decided to check and see if anyone had read my post. A few people had been to blogger and this was really exciting. On Lumberjocks.com, there were 300 views and 25 comments, most of which said things like, “That was Awesome!”.

It is amazing how pats on the back can change one’s perspective.

On Jan 30, 2010, having blogged about woodworking every day since that first post, I had run out of ideas. What if I wrote the first chapter of a noir 50′s era mystery? My hero would love woodworking, the Brooklyn Dodgers, and have a mysterious woman enter his life. So I wrote it.

It was my intent to only write one chapter of the “Henry Wood Detective Agency”. I’ve written four complete novels in the series. The first one, which is available for Kindle or Print, is around 50K words, the next is around 70K, and should be published in the next month, the 3rd is about 80K and the fourth just over 100K. The last two still need to be sent to my editor.

I also wrote a non-fiction title, Two Decades and Counting, which is about the 1986-87 Iowa Hawkeyes Men’s basketball team.

So, I’ve accidentally become a writer, mostly because people say things like, “You are a very good writer”, and it always makes me so happy I could just burst. And then I write some more.


Obviously, the answer is “Yes, and I have the guinea pig readership to prove it,” but that answer isn’t very good without the picture. Still, I think my answer was pretty good. Also, I thought it would be helpful to have a post like this to introduce my new Triberr friends to my writing.

If one is interested in a book by me, simply click on the Extremely Average and go to the front page, there is a lovely ad for my books, just waiting to be clicked.


I swing through your site because I find you interesting and engaging although it was the woodworking and photography that originally hooked me. Keep on truckin! 

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @bobborson I have gotten back into the photography, so that is something. :-)  I'm glad to see you stopping in to say hello, thanks Bob.


You are a writer with a red hot passion now, Brian! I am amazed (and rather envious) of the speed with which you turn out brilliant post after post. 

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 @Late_Bloomers That is very kind of you to say. I used to write horrorscopes (not a misspelling), at work. It started as a joke and I wrote just a couple of the signs for friends, then people kept wanting more of the signs and eventually I wrote all twelve. Everyday, I'd bang out the little missives, mostly mocking "real" horoscopes, and very quickly it got so my brain was always thinking of things to add. I'd be sitting in a restaurant and all of a sudden, "pick a color between 1 and orange," would pop into my head, or "You may suffer from writer's block of cheese...aged cheddar...snack with friends", and I'd jot them done in my moleskin.


It is amazing how the brain works. It seems like one can turn it on to a task and it will keep working on it even while doing other things. Now, my brain just thinks about writing (posts and novels).

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I love how you use the word "delicious"! Thanks for coming by my new place. You all made it so fun! I will never understand, however, how we've reached the point where $2.99 for a work of art is acceptable! 

BTW, I became an artist because my 1st grade teacher told me that trees don't look like lollipops. I spent years proving to her that I knew that!

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I agree, you are a very good writer.  Although I am not a Dodgers fan by any means.  Going to buy more books.  See?  This was buried inside you all along.  I wonder if your Mrs. Johnson was my hated 7th and 8th grade music teacher, Mrs. Johnson....

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I aspire to be a writer.

I enjoy saying that.

I am curious.

I write.


I am curious about your woodworking.......

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I am a writer. I love saying that! Cheers! Kaarina