New Woodworking Project

I was up until 2 AM deciding on my project. I’ve chosen to make an Adirondack chair. I’m not making a normal one though, I’m getting fancy. I’ve decided to use woods that are entirely unsuitable for the task.

Generally, one would use cedar, as it is a great wood for outdoor furniture. I’m going to use both walnut and cherry. It was a decision based upon economics, I’m poor and I didn’t want to buy wood. I’ve got lots of both those woods, so that is why I went with them.

Still, it should look nice. The chair contains many parts, the most complicated being the side pieces, which required the use of several tools, a French Curve and a protractor, which gave me no small amount of pleasure.

While I was excellent at finding 19 degrees, 162 degrees, and 145 degrees, as required by the plans I found online, I did fail to measure two inches, instead making my mark at three inches. Being off by that much should have been immediately recognizable, but alas, it wasn’t. So, I had two choices.

1) Cuss, grab a new piece of wood, and try again. Then continue cussing until I’ve finished it.

2) Make a slight design alteration.

It was much easier to do the latter, so I did. Also, I don’t really cuss much.

Once the piece was cut, I spent a considerable amount of time sanding it. It is now smooth and looks sort of neat. It also provided an easy template for piece two, which I’ve since cut out, but not sanded. I had to stop and tell you all about my project. I also wanted some popcorn.

I don’t know if this will help with my writer’s block of cheese, but it certainly was fun.  Maybe, when it is done, I’ll be able to sit in my chair and find my writing groove, again.

I’ve got to work, tomorrow, so I won’t have as much time for the shop, but I should be able to get something done.  Fun!