Lake Effect: Ch 11 Day 10

Lake Effect

by Brian D. Meeks

Chapter 11 Day 10

The day’s run along Lake Michigan might have been beautiful. The area Steve ran through had beauty in spades, but sometimes all of that goes unnoticed. Today, he ran along without thought of pain, aching muscles, his calorie count, or whether he would drink Jarred’s shake, he was thinking about his friend Liz.

He woke up feeling optimistic. Steve was excited to run. Making his way through northern would be inspiring for its beauty. The trail he would be running was exactly 26 miles. Like most days, there was a bevy encouraging text messages. Steve often said they were, “Better than coffee”.

Kina Miller didn’t have encouraging words, though. It read, “Liz passed early this morning…thanks for all you’ve done to be supportive. Big love. She ran right to the top of Baldy with me this AM. Day 10, she has no cancer again.”

Steve ran for Liz. She was with him all day long. “There were times I just left my body and let her take over… she ran and ran and ran. I was just along for the ride. Run in Peace Liz, June 5, 2012.”