Introducing Meghan Ward… a Great Editor

Tonight, I’d like to tell you all about my nonfiction editor, Meghan Ward. She worked with me on Two Decades and Counting. It was a grueling schedule, but she came through with flying colors.

What made it so difficult is that I had a hard deadline. Usually, one will send off a complete manuscript for the editor to work through, but in this instance, I needed her to work on the parts I had already written, while I was moving forward. By doing it this way I was able to send her the last 5,000 or so, words, and then she turned it around very quickly.

The best thing about Meghan is that she is a writer, too. Her website, Writerland, has all sorts of great blog posts, which demonstrate her word smithing skill. She is working on a memoir about her life as a fashion model, and though I’ve only read one excerpt, I can tell you it’s brilliant.

As we watch the publishing industry turn upside down, the biggest gripe readers have is poor quality from the indie community. Hiring an editor, especially one as talented as Meghan, goes a long way towards elevating one’s product above the rest. She is worth every penny.

My book, Two Decades and Counting, is doing better than I expected, in no small part to her efforts. We’ve just gone over the 1100 sales mark and have 20 more signings over the next month. I’m very proud of the book and know that Meghan was a big part of getting it finished.

Thanks Meghan, you’re AWESOME.


Thank you so much for the compliments and for the shout out. Much appreciated. And congrats to you on the success of your book. That was YOUR doing, not mine :)


It sounds like things are going really well for you. That is very cool.


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