Henry Wood: Edge of Understand Epilogue

It had taken three more days for the New York papers to lose interest in Henry, the Major, and how the whole thing played out. The coverage had mostly been negative. Henry had taken the time to explain the details to the widow Palmeroy and she was thankful. After that, he had mostly stayed home and slept. His shoulder wound was sore, but Luna was taking good care of him. She was adamant that Henry avoid stress and rest. She made him comply through the clever use of baked goods and her serious face.

Henry’s close friends were still standing by his side, because they knew the truth, and it made the press coverage bearable. The closet door was open and Henry sat on a wooden stool in front of it. It had been a tough year and now the recent battle with the Major had been the worst of it. What’s next? Henry asked himself holding the earrings and the pen. He’d told Luna they were just presents from the closet, but his gut wasn’t so sure. Maybe it was the pain pills or just a bad attitude, but Henry sensed trouble was coming.

Life was simple before 1955. It was a mostly solitary existence that Henry managed to muddle through with little fanfare. Henry was happier now, but happiness comes at a cost, and now, he finally understood. Life takes living.

The End