Editing Progress

Not much exciting to report. My focus has turned to book II in the Henry Wood series. Veronika, my editor, sent back another section today, which means we are over half way through. It is normal for me to think about sending her another section right away, to keep things moving, and then to get distracted and wait a month before I get around to it. Not so today.

Within a few hours of the email I had another 5700 words zipping across the internet to her inbox. I have to say, the site grammerly has helped me stay motivated to push forward. I had a discussion with a Twitter friend about Grammerly, today. We both agreed it was great for commas, but not perfect in other areas.  I’m not sure it can be perfect, though. With each suggested correction it gives one the reason it MIGHT be wrong, but it is up to the writer to decide if the rule applies. There are many times it does not, but it does make one think.

I’ve found that even when I don’t make the change suggested, I sometimes come up with a way to make a better sentence anyway. There have been times I changed parts that were unrelated to what Grammerly was suggesting, but they were in close proximity and I noticed it didn’t read well.

So, even if I don’t take every suggestion, at least I’m working on edits. I’m sure it is also making the editing go more quickly. I’m really NOT a paid shill for Grammerly, but maybe I should be?  I may look into it, because it would be pretty easy to run their ad on the side of the blog. I suspect this isn’t the last time I’m going to be rambling on about their service, so I’m adding “Check into ads for Grammerly” to my list.

I can’t think of anything else that happened today. There was yard work, but that isn’t exciting. I think I’ll go do some thinking…possibly about writing.


Hey, we reached the halfway mark! Hooray! :) Having fun with it; can't wait to see the cover for book 2. Have it planned yet?