Steadicam Day 3

What a wonderful day.  I’ve spent the whole day working on the steadicam.  I needed some handles to use to tighten down the various adjustable parts and this meant a trip to ACME Tools.  I love it there.

They had the handles I needed and I bought six, though I think I only need four.  It is good to have extras in case I come up with an idea.  So, driving away from ACME I came across Batteries Plus.  The idea of adding lighting to my steadicam has been rattling around in my head and since I was in the neighborhood I stopped.  Erik was very helpful.  He explained what I would need to know about my lighting source before I made a battery purchase.  Then he suggested I head over to a photography store, as might have video lights.  Their selection wasn’t great, but I bought a LED 30 by Promaster.

I hadn’t thought about the bracket I’d need to attach it, but when I opened the box it came with a really cool bracket.  One tiny piece of wood and one of the extra knobs and I had it figured out.  I wish there had been someone nearby, because I really needed a post triumph high five, but I moved on.

I finished the belt attachment and that too was a great moment.  The bracket for holding the eye pad deux, is nearly done, as is one of the counter weights.  The glue is drying.  I not only glue up the pieces, but also add wood screws for extra strength.  I’m very clever like that.

As far as I can tell, I need to only create counter weight for the belt, and then two connecting and swiveling points and I’ll be done.