Making Sawdust Again

Jeff the bandsaw was glad to see me, as were the rest of the tools.  They had grown worried that I might never come back, but I explained that I didn’t love them any less, but that I had been working on my writing a lot over the last year.

Tools are very forgiving and we set to our new project.  The steady cam is on its way.  Well, I’ve purchased all the bits I believe I’ll need.  The heavy duty belt and a 5 lb and 10 lb weight for to balance it all out, should be the last of it, unless I decided to add a backpack and lighting.

The first wooden part is the bracket that will hold my ipad 2 securely.  I love my ipad 2 and showed it to the tools.  Everyone was very impressed and we took a couple of photos.  The first step is to create a routing template for cutting the space where the ipad 2 will rest.  It has been a long time since I used my router, so I had to get online and check out a few things, just for safety.  It turns out I did remember the direction I needed to cut, so that was a relief.  Before cutting though, I used my circular saw to cut a piece of board for the template.

After that was done, I used the ipad 2 to draw the outline.  Now, since the template piece will mean I can’t cut up to the line, I had to add additional space all the way around to take this into account.  The routing out takes some time, as I am taking 2 passes first time through and may take one additional pass to get to the depth I want.

The important thing is that I’m making sawdust, again!  It is fun and I’m very excited about the project.