imovie App review.

Learning is fundamental, or so I’ve heard.  I bought a new app for my ipad II, and it lets one do rudimentary editing of videos.  I was all prepared to bash it, but I won’t.  The quality of the imovie app, for $4.99, is pretty remarkable.

I’m used to using a more robust tool on a much more robust PC.  It would be unfair to compare software that costs hundreds of dollars on a computer that runs about 15 times the cost of the ipad 2, as mangos to mangos.

So, I’ve decided to just judge it based upon its merits.  It is easy to use.  I was able to easily drop some things onto the timeline and hit play.  One can trim the length of a video clip, but I’ve yet been able to figure out how to edit out a piece from the middle.  My gut tells me that one simply needs to use two of the same clip and trim them from both edges, to accomplish this, which isn’t so much of a burden.

The app automatically handles transitions from one piece to the next.  I’ve figured out how to fade in and out from black, which is a feature I like.  I’ve also, almost figured out how to share the video.  I say almost, because it seems like I’ve done what I need to share it on Facebook, but as of the writing of this post, it still hasn’t shown up.

My gut tells me that this app was designed for quick deployment of future YouTube viral sensations involving animals undertaking random acts of cuteness.  I know that if I capture anything of the sort, I’ll be able to quickly add some finishing touches to make it more polished than most videos and be able to send it out onto the World Wide Web for a shot at stardom.

Which brings me to another point.  Why do we say www, when that is six syllables and World Wide Web is three?  Who thought of that “time saving idea”, probably a cost accountant? I digress…

The point is, the imovie app is definitely worth the five bucks and will be a fun addition to any ipad deux or higher.  I score it a 31 on the 1 to 37 scale.

Note:  I’ve not figured out how to make the movie available so I can embed it here, but when I do, I’ll come back and post it.