Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding Ch 82 pt 1

Henry and Luna walked in silence, her arm linked through his.  Usually Henry would hail a cab back to the car, but he asked if Luna wouldn’t mind walking with him for a few blocks, just to clear his head.  At the corner where the first victim had died, he stopped, and looked down.  There wasn’t a trace, no sign of the terrible loss, just a sidewalk that had been erased by the feet of the city.

Henry lit a cigarette and offered one to Luna, who declined.  She took his hand and they continued on, but his gate was marginally faster.  Henry squeezed her hand and said, “I think we should take grab this cab.”

“I thought you wanted to walk, to clear your head.”

Henry whistled and waved.  The cab stopped and they hopped in.

“Where to buddy?”

“The Flatiron building.”

“Why are we going to the office?”  Luna asked.

Henry turned around and saw the two guys who followed them out of the bar grab the next cab.

“Henry your starting to…”

Henry held up a finger to shush her and the whispered, “I think we’re being followed. When we get to the office, I’m getting out. You take the cab up past the park and watch to see if they guys behind us get out.  If they do, get to a phone and call Mike at home.”

“Okay, but what if they don’t get out of the cab?”

Henry smiled, “Then I’m losing my grip and I’ll need you circle the park and pick me back up.  We’ll go get some breakfast.”

“Got it, Mike or breakfast,” She said as she leaned over and gave him a kiss.  “Be careful.”

Henry like how Luna didn’t fall to pieces, though the look of worry in her eyes told him that she was on the edge.  To reassure her he said, “I’ve got a plan.”  He hoped that by the time he got to the office, he really would.

It wasn’t long before they arrived and Henry got out and paid the cabbie.  Henry leaned through the open window and gave Luna one more peck.  He saw the cab behind the slow.  It was about a block away.

The lobby was empty and provided few spots to hide and that fact gave him an idea.  He should hide and come up behind them.  Hopefully he could get the drop on them and find out who they were, before they did something unfriendly, like kill him.  If they were Associates 2 & 3, it might be hard, but this would likely be his only chance.

Henry bound up the stairs as he pulled his lock pick set out of his pocket.  His first thought was Bobby’s office, but then he remembered how strange Bobby’s lock’s are and decided the janitor’s closet would be a better spot.  There weren’t any sounds behind him, which made him suspect that they two guys following him were pros, or that there wasn’t anyone following him and he was starting to lose it.

The janitors closet door lock would be easy to pick.  Henry tried the knob first and the door wasn’t locked, so quickly opened it and then he heard it, a faint hiss.  He looked down the hall and saw, for the first time, that there was a light on in his office.  Buttons was unhappy and possibly in danger.  Henry was about to abandon his plan, when the light went off.

Whomever was in the office would soon be heading down the hall.  The closet seemed like a good idea, again.