Back to the Shop

I’m very excited to announce I have a new woodworking project!  I went to the Woodsmith Store in West Des Moines, today and bought parts for my creation.  Last night I put up a video of our signings and it got me thinking.  Usually when that happens it is a sign of troubles on the horizon, but I think I can pull this one off without too many fatalities.

There is a tool called a steadycam.  It is used by camera people to get smoother shots without camera shake.  The device has the camera on a platform that is counter balanced with an equal weight.  This then smoothes out the bumps when the person with the camera is walking.

I’m planning a ridiculously over engineered steadycam that will hold my ipad 2 and my iphone, possibly a light, and maybe a laser beam.  It will require four pivot points, a belt of some sort to attach it to my hips, and possibly a backpack to hold a battery for the light.  I’ll be using alien technology for the laser beam.  Don’t tell anyone.  I digress.

Admittedly, the main parts are finely machined bits of metal that I bought, but there pieces that I will design from wood.  The brackets that hold the ipad 2 and iphone will be wood.  The counter balances may be grotesquely over designed bits of wood and the handles will definitely be fashioned from dead tree.

I don’t have any photos, yet, but I will tomorrow.  I’m too excited to write anymore.  I better get to it.