Apple ipad 3 Launch Helps Writing Community

The title of the blog post is only vaguely accurate.  The ipad 3, or ipad third generation as it is officially called, launched and it started a chain of events that ended with my father ordering one and me getting his ipad 2.  It began with him receiving his ipad third generation.  There were very few steps (read zero) between steps one and two. Before I go much further may I say how silly I think the ipad third generation name is and I will be calling it an ipad quatro minus uno in protest. I digress…

Okay, it wasn’t really a chain events and two things that happened in close proximity to one another.

I love getting out of the house and writing at cafes, bars, toast and bacon emporiums, and libraries.  It is nice and I wrote all of Two Decades And Counting on my ipad Uno.  At home, I have three computer screens and still tend to write on the ipad.  I just really like the feel of the blue tooth keyboard.  The problem is that since I’m used to having the ability to monitor Twitter, Facebook, and the heavens for alien invasions, on my monster computer, I feel strangely underpowered when limited to only one ipad Un.

Now, I can have one devoted to writing while the other streams me tweets from guinea pigs all over the world.  It also has  a better camera, and by better I mean a camera.

Yummy Shrimp Sauce

Now, you are probably wondering if I did any writing on the secret book, today?  As of the writing of this post I’m at 3172 words for the day.  (Note: This doesn’t include the words in the post, because that would be cheating.

In conclusions, Dad gave me his eye pad A – C, if A = 40 and B = the maximum number on the “Meeks” scale. I love it.



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