22 Things for Me To Do

I have to admit I was won over by the bright and shiny badge.  I like making lists and always do better when I have.  This may help me get more done.  Great idea. – Brian D. Meeks

I left this comment on Angie Richmond’s blog . The post is called 22 Things and it is a simple idea.  She just wanted to make a list of small things, as a way to help her keep perspective and to motivate self-improvement.

We can all use self-improvement motivation.  I read posts similar to this all the time and always think to myself, That is a great I idea, maybe I’ll do it.  To date, I’ve never jumped on board, mostly because I was usually quickly distracted by some other tweeted blog post.

There were nineteen people who signed up to do their own lists, when I read the post.  I became the twentieth.  The whole point, beyond making the list, is to also write a blog post monthly that reports progress.  In reading many of the lists the other folks put together I noticed that most entries were very general, “Try to do more…”.  My list is much more of a targeted approach, which I hope isn’t missing the spirit of her idea.  So, here it is…a work in progress.

  1. Write 1000 words on Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding, every day until finished
  2. Set up 5 more signings
  3. Find 10 new book/writing blogs to follow (I’m open to suggestions)
  4. Send next 10K words to my editor
  5. Get 3 Blurbs for Two Decades and Counting
  6. Take more photographs  (This is more along the lines of the other lists)
  7. Read this post everyday for 10 days in a row.  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2GkrXL/www.holtuncensored.com/hu/the-ten-mistakes/
  8. Join Scoop.it and learn about it.
  9. Stumble five things per day.
  10. Figure out my lost password for Pinterest and start Pinning
  11. Give five G+ per day
  12. Give five “Likes” per day
  13. Exercise on my Wii five times per week.
  14. Read one book per week
  15. Write a review for each book on Goodreads
  16. Finally figure out Tribr
  17. Write one guest blog post per month
  18. Blog about my 22 Things progress each month
  19. Write a novel in secret. (Not as a serial or part of the Henry Wood series)  Who doesn’t love a secret project?
  20. Publish Henry Wood: Time and Again
  21. Publish Henry Wood: Perceptions
  22. Publish Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding

Ha!  I’ve made my list.  Tomorrow, I start to work on it.  I should have added “Get shiny “22 Things” badge for my blog, but I’ll try to remember to do it without it being listed. If you blog and like the idea, I whole heartily recommend clicking on the link above and signing up to participate.  It is fun.


This is a fabulous list! It embodies the spirit of 22Things perfectly! Targeted steps that are small and completely doable. Excellent, Brian :)

ExtremelyAvg moderator

 @ajjrichmond Thanks.  I'm pretty excited about the concept.  I just woke up and the first thing I asked myself was, "Where do I start on my list, today?"  I actually said it out loud.  :-)  I should have included "eat bacon" as one of the items, because that is where I'd like to start every day.  *heavy sigh*


 @ExtremelyAvg Oh I'd like to start every day with bacon as well! maybe next month you can add it ;)