Radio Days

The world of Twitter is an amazing place filled with wonderful people.  Nick Lovelady is one of the friends I’ve made over the last two years on Twitter.  He runs a blog and we like to visit each other’s blogs from time to time.

Today, I got a DM, which is a Direct Message in Twitter.  He had an idea to help me promote my book.  How nice is that?!  So, I sent him my phone number.

It seems Nick has started to host a radio show once a week and after following along with Two Decades and Counting, he thought it might be fun to have me on to talk about the book.  We chatted for almost 45 minutes and when we were done he invited me to do almost the whole show with him.

I’m very excited.

The station, WCKF 100, is in Alabama.  Admittedly, not the heart of the Iowa Hawkeye fan base, but who cares, I know I don’t.  I get to hang out with my friend, talk sports, and even take a call or two.

The show will air from 4:30-6 pm CST, Monday February 20, 2012. I will probably not be on for the first 15 – 30 minutes. If you click on the WCKF 100 link, you will be able to go straight to their site and listen live.


Looking forward to it, Brian- The show will be from 4:30-6p CST... Can't wait!


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