Henry Wood: Edge of Understanding Ch 81 pt 1

Henry brought the pitcher to the table and slid in next to Luna.  He looked tired and she grabbed his hand under the table.  She gave it a squeeze.  Bobby started pouring and asked, “Okay, I’m confused, now why is it we aren’t hiding from The Enclave?  I mean, that is why  I went into hiding with Celine and Carol.”

“And Buttons,” Carol added.

“Yes, and Buttons.  When I got word that the contract was read, I panicked a little, okay, maybe a lot.  They aren’t to be messed with.”

Henry almost tried answering, but saw it was going to take a mallet to wedge a word in to Bobby’s rapid fire questions, so he just let him ramble on.

“I once head of a guy who was rumored to have overheard a conversation between two of their members and he was never seen again.  I figured I better disappear us before they did.  I know you would have wanted me to. I left clues, the keys in the locks.  Did you get them?”

Henry held up a weary hand and Bobby took a sip of his beer and leaned in a little, excited for the answer.  Henry smiled and said, “Yes, my friend, I did. The broken door at my apartment, probably saved our lives.”

Bobby’s eyes got big.  Celine, sitting in a chair pulled up to the booth, gasped, “What?!”

Henry lit a cigarette and exhaled a long plume of fatigue, as he searched for where to begin.  “When I saw the broken key in your office door, I thought it was strange, but my gut told me you were leaving me a message.  Doing the same at the apartment gave me just enough time.  We bolted and got out of there by the skin of our teeth.  I owe you one buddy.  What made you come back when you did?”

Bobby leaned in and whispered, “I have an associate who has a place, just down the street from  the office.  I’ve got a nifty telescope and we were able to watch what was going on, sort of.”

Carol leaned over and gave Bobby a hug around the should, “He was at that thing almost 24 hours a day, just keeping an eye on you.  We had to bully him to make him eat.  Well, Celine did the bullying.”

Celine shrugged, “It’s a gift.”

Henry laughed, “Don’t I know it.”

Mike walked in and joined them.

“You get your reports filled out, t’s crossed, i’s dotted?”  Henry asked as he handed Mike a glass.

Mike grabbed the pitcher and poured the last of the beer into his glass.  He waved to the bar tender, ordering another, and pulled up a chair next to Celine.  “Yes, I got it in, but I doubt there was anything in there that will get us closer to catching the Major.  At least, now we know who it is, even if we don’t have any proof.”

Henry looked perturbed, “My word isn’t good enough?”

“It is for me, not for a judge or jury.  It doesn’t matter, though, we don’t know where he’s hiding. Even the penthouse, where it looks like he had been for some time, isn’t in his name.”

Carol excused herself to go to the ladies room.  Celine and Luna joined her.

At the front of the bar, Associate 2 and 3 sat in the corner, watching  but unable to hear what was being said.