The Tanglewood Murders Review

It might be strange to take a break from editing a manuscript and choose to read a book, but I did.  After a solid four hours of Henry Wood:  Time and Again, my brain was fried.  I wanted to relax and so I picked up the old ipad, with the Nook reader, and finished the last 60 pages of, David Weedmark’s, The Tanglewood Murders.

It is the story of Ben Taylor, a cop who is hiding from his past.  He has been working at the Tanglewood winery, in Canada.  A place that holds fond memories from his youth, but now, he isn’t a carefree teenager, working on his summer vacation, he is grown man struggling to do what is right.

The book starts off, as mysteries are want to do, with a murder.  A tragic and violent murder of a young woman named Anna.  Her horrible death touches a nerve and Ben must make some decisions about who is going to be, the cop, or the farm hand…or maybe, he is a suspect?

I don’t like to give too much away, as that defeats the purpose of me recommending this book.  And I do recommend it.  Books are meant to allow one to escape to a different place and watch a story unfold.  For me, I was escaping from searching my own writing for comma blunders, and this novel helped tremendously.

Mr. Weedmark lets the story roll out in front of the reader, while adding enough interesting circumstances, to keep one wondering.  There is romance, which is not overdone, and as the pluralization of the title would imply, a second murder.  Everyone has an agenda, a past, and their own ideas of what the future might hold.  It is wonderful to watch each character travel through the pages and very satisfying to find out where they end up.

The novel, Mr. Weedmark’s  first, is a fine read, which will give one a great escape from today, and let them enjoy the delicate vintage, which is, ‘The Tanglewood Murders’

It is available in print and Nook.  You can find Mr. Weedmark at his website.