Dog Walk Blog Interview

It was very exciting to listen to my first podcast interview.  Rufus is the dog behind Dog Walk Blog and one can learn all about him by clicking on the ‘About’ tab.

If one ever reads my bio on Twitter, I proclaim proudly that I follow cats and guinea pigs.  This is absolutely true, I follow a lot of them, but people often assume that I have some sort of anti-dog bias, that isn’t the case at all.  I love a puppy as much as a kitty, as they are much better at retrieving a tennis ball.  Cats are generally too busy plotting world domination, to be bothered with the fuzzy little spheroid and guinea pigs are prone to stopping and snacking on the lawn, and thus, never getting back to the game.

I do follow some dogs and also a ferret.  Now, there is no need to think that I believe the little critters are doing the typing themselves, which would be absurd, as they don’t have opposable thumbs.  Seriously, it is the lack of opposable thumbs that has prevented ‘Planet of the Cats’ from coming to fruition.  I know that my furry Twitter friends are writing their blog posts and tweets the old fashion way…mind control.  Duh!

Being interviewed was fun.  The interviewer, Rufus Dogg, has a spectacular radio voice and though his canine friend was controlling him, made the process really easy.  There were breaks where he was forced to pause and provide doggie treats, but their post-production team did a nice job of editing out the snacks.  After the experience, I would say that we, as a species, are lucky that dogs and cats haven’t learned to work together, because they might not need opposable thumbs to achieve world domination, if they did.

Now that Henry has been out a week, I am finally getting to the edits for Henry Wood: Time and Again.  It is exciting to dig into my second novel.  After all my comma rules studying yesterday, I feel much more confident in finding errant punctuation.

So I am getting back to my edits and Tweeting with my furry friends.  If you have some time, go on over to Dog Walk Blog and check out all the fun stuff.