Tweeting and Gweeting

Driving while distracted it dangerous.  In recent weeks, there have been numerous reports of driving while doing something so offensive, it almost shouldn’t be mentioned.  Of course, I refer to driving and cat juggling.

These cats, often in groups, cruise around in convertibles, juggling.  In one instance, a cat, combined the juggling of cell phones, while sexting.  This can’t be safe.

But I digress.

While responding to an email about a guest post I had written, I told the poster, I would tweet  and…then I paused.  I needed a name for tweeting something in G+.  I could have used post, but I didn’t want to.  So I said Gweet.  He understood and I coined a term.  I can’t be sure if I’m the first, so I decided to do a shot, albeit late blog post tonight, on the Gweet.

The Gweet is a posting on Google Plus.  You may not call it that.  In fact, nobody may call it that, but if people do start to use it, I want some sort of royalties…paid in bacon!

This will of course lead to people issuing Gweetings, which sounds an awful lot like Greetings, and thus, one more reason it is the best word invented in the last 35 minutes.  I rank it up there with words like monkey, cheese, and the name Boutros Boutros Ghali.  I would put it 4th in that group.

As I wrote the other night, G+ is really taking off.  I read in one gweet that it may hit 10,000,000 users after only 2 weeks.  I believe the person consulted a magic 8 ball, to get the figures, as I have also seen 20 Million bandied about.  It doesn’t matter, because it is a good platform, which improves daily.

I don’t buy into all the hype about it killing off FB or Twitter, unless I can find a funny way to blog about it.  Google did come from nowhere to dominate search, so I am not counting them out, but I really don’t care.  I like it.  I will use it.  And damn it, I came up with gweet first.  Now tell your friend…or don’t…actually, they already think you are weird for bothering to read blogs, so it wouldn’t help.

That’s all for tonight, back to tweeting and gweeting.