Following the Dream

Yesterday I wrote about dreams; dreams of traveling the country taking photos. Nothing has changed in the last 24 hour.  No lottery wins.  No great windfall.  But I have a truck and a Nikon D200, so there isn’t any reason I can’t explore the county.  Jones County is a beautiful place.

This is where I live.  I love it.

Dhara Mistry
Dhara Mistry moderator

Oh yeah! Love the sunset photo. Few months ago I was gifted a Nikon D40 and since then I have been playing with my new toy whilst exploring places. Definitely getting better day by day. When I become an intermediate, I will buy the D200 :)


Brian, you will probably see in your stats that someone is sitting on this page for an extended period of time- it is me. I see so much in these pictures and I need time to absorb what I see. Very nicely done.


There are many layers to that Brian, every time one is peeled back something more interesting and exciting is revealed.

Loved the photos...........

I did make it in to Google+ so I guess something worked; thanks for the invite.