Book Dreams

When the day has been long and the best sounding idea is to sleep, my mind tends to wander. Finding a pack of words, which can be combined for a blog post, can be difficult.

Sometimes a drive through the sprawling metropolis of Martelle, Iowa helps.  My little white truck took me all the way to the center of town…well over 600 yards from the edge of town…and I stopped at the mall (read convenience store).  I bought a 12-pack of diet mountain dew.

Walking out of the ‘C Store’, I saw the sun setting and it was lovely.  My tired gray cells started to dream of wondering cross country in a Carver 3 wheel car/motorcycle/alien craft. It costs, on the high end, $47,000.  I really want one and since I was spending money I don’t have, I decided to add some camera equipment to my shopping spree.  I budgeted another $15,000 for some new Nikon gear.  I reasoned that my wardrobe needed some upgrading, so I added another $50.00 for clothes. (I lack fashion sense)

Twenty-five years ago I read a book.  Many of you have read it, I am sure.  Jack Kerouac’s On the Road filled me with wander lust. I have longed for a road trip, with my Nikon, the sound of Simon & Garfunkel on the radio and nothing but time to kill.

I wouldn’t use a map or navigation system.  What guy would? I’d just use the ‘force’.  Travelling out from Iowa with only the vaguest idea of what I wanted to see. It would be an adventure.

Self publishing is an adventure, to be sure, but it is also a feeder of dreams. One never knows if their book will sell a single copy, but it might.  Only the smallest fraction of ebooks make boat loads of money, so the odds are stacked against any new entry into the fray.  But like buying a lottery ticket, the publishing of a book, is sort of like that.  I might make $2.00, but if I am really lucky, I might hit the jackpot. If I do, then I too will go out ‘On The Road’.

I’m sure you have all dreamed of the big pay day, so I ask, what is your ‘Lottery Jackpot’ dream?