Football, Food, Nap and Repeat

I am so tired I can barely even think of relaxing.  Today is “Let’s BlogOff” day.  It is a day when bloggers all write about a singular theme, with today’s being “How do you relax and recharge?”

I am not a regular on the Blogoff, which is odd, because I always enjoy it.  I began thinking about a post this morning, when I saw the subject.  It is my ‘Sunday’, so it seemed like a perfect subject to write about for my blog.

I did not succeed in doing any relaxing today.  In fact, I was the anti-relaxer.  I made two goals today.  One was to read the book by John Locke How I Sold 1 Million ebooks in 5 Months. The other was to go through and make approximately 300 corrections to my own book, Henry Wood Detective Agency. So I was setting myself up for NOT relaxing.  Oh wait, my sock and underwear drawer alarm is going off.  I need to do laundry too.  It might be nice to get some exercise, so I added 30 minutes on the Wii, to the list.

The corrections take a lot of time and they are exhausting.  As someone who is proficient at grammar errors and horrific acts of spelling, you can trust me, that it is painful.  Still, I had a goal.  So I got out my phone and started the timer and began to furiously edit!  I was editing with a fury usually reserved for hurricanes.  I chewed up the list of mistakes like an angry beaver.  Twenty minutes later I was gassed.

I thought, I should do some relaxing.  Or, I could spend 30 minutes on the Wii, and get that done.  While I was stepping on and off the balance board, I thought about the book.  When would I fit that in?  I hopped off the board (which is not recommended by the manufacturer) and grabbed my ipad.  His book was already loaded into my Kindle reader, so I fired it up and got to it, while exercising.

When the 30 minutes was done, I had finished 20% of the book, and felt ready to go back to editing.  Twenty minutes later, I needed a nap.  To the showers I went and then off to Iowa City, refreshed and ready to launder.  My day didn’t really get much more interesting.  I did another set of 30 minutes, while reading, and actually finished the book.  My clothes are clean, but I still have about 5 pages of edits left.

I am beat.  I still haven’t answered the question.

Though I wasn’t good at relaxing today, it really is one of my strengths.  I have been known to get excited for a nap.  I remember my best naps.  My favorite nap method is only possible in the fall.  From 11:00 to 2:00 I watch a college football game while eating things high in fructose.  (I don’t even know what high fructose corns syrup is, but since it is bad for you, I must have it.)  Then the next game comes on.  It is between two teams who bore me to tears, so I nap, while the droning on, of the announcers, plays in the background.  This nap will get me through until dinner and make me ready for the night games.

In short, the formula is as follows:  Football, food, nap, repeat.

[In an unrelated note:  I am having a contest.  See yesterday’s post if you would like to enter to win a tiny box or signed copy of my soon to be released Henry Wood Detective Agency.  It is easy, just keep on working that scroll wheel.]


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