Don’t Be An Egghead…or a Bieber Fan

In life there are moments, which seem almost surreal.  The time I showed my mother how to copy and paste, using <ctrl> c and <ctrl> v (Yes, Apple users, I know that it is <command> in your world.)  She actually uses an Apple, but I refuse to say ‘command’, as it just pisses me off.  The point is this; she hadn’t ever been shown this trick.  I assumed that she was the last person on earth.  I mocked her.

A week later, she taught my sister the trick.  Perhaps, it is the Meeks clan, who is the last family to master this simple short cut?  I didn’t know.  Since then I have seen it so frequently, it makes my head want to explode.  Really?  Right click, then copy, then, right click, then paste?  Stop it!

Last year, the GDP of the world, was reduced by 13%, because of poor copy and paste training. (This is according to a statistic, from a government agency, which wishes to remain anonymous, as their budget for the study was just over 3 billion dollars.  Most of which was spent on hookers and Bieber tickets for their children.)

Since Twitter has taken over my life, I have discovered a new and more amazing ‘pet peeve’.  I speak of the ‘egghead’, which used to mean people with high IQs, and pencil protectors.  I actually aspired to be one, before deciding to get a degree in Economics, as it allowed for more naptime in the library.  (Is that even a real degree?)

The modern ‘egghead’ is a term of derision used for people who don’t change their avatar from the default egg.  Most people, who have the default avatar, get it changed after getting mocked by their first 3 followers.  Others never change it. They are often spammers, who can’t be bothered with such trivialities.  They need to program their bots to annoy you with ever mention of Kindle, iphone, or ipad.  I don’t mind the spammers and bots leaving the egg, it makes it easier to spot them, and thus send the #blockopotamus charging in their direction, with thoughts of malice.

It is the people who actually take Twitter seriously enough to build a following.  They post real tweets and actual links to news and cat videos.  They think they are building a social media brand.

The brand is, “You Suck More Than Bieber.”  Nobody wants to be ‘that’ guy.  Why do they do it?  I suspect it was bad parenting or brain damage from their teen aged angst ridden years, when all that mattered, was conforming to their non-conformist crowd.  I don’t know.

Is there something we can do?  No.  It is a blight on Twitter and I suspect it will always be there.  But perhaps, if you are reading this, and you still have the ‘egg’ head, then maybe, just maybe, we can save one person.  Go, change it now, then report back and let us know, you have been saved.


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