Better Than Bacon

First of all let me say, the whole ‘Better than Bacon’ thing was a ploy.  I’m sorry, but I really wanted you to visit tonight.  I shamefully resorted to subterfuge.  There isn’t ANYTHING better than bacon.

I met Bob Borson on Twitter.  He is an architect.  If you slowly move your eyes to the list of ‘Greatest Blogs EVER’, you will see ‘Life of an Architect’.  When I found Bob on Twitter, about a year ago, his blog and mine were getting similar numbers of views.  He was a bit ahead of me, but only slightly.  Today I am getting almost the same number of readers as back then, while Bob gets easily 17,000 per day.  You loyal readers (including my mom and dad) number around 100 (1800 unique per month).  I love you all.

Bob is taller, much better looking, and a better writer, plus he has an adorable daughter who occasionally will allow an interview.  I suspect these things help with his success, but only play a small part.  He is focused on one core group, Architects.  Of course, he also gets those people, like me, who stumble upon his writing and want to hang out with the cool kids.  He also constantly maintains a beautifully designed and professional looking blog.  (Me, not so much)

I am not focused.  This is a woodworking blog, where I don’t blog about woodworking.  I have lost my way.  It makes me really sad too, because I love my blog, but I have treated it poorly.  The last few nights I have tried to do something different, with a series of silly and bitter horoscopes.  They have been just another example of my scattered approach.  I’m sorry.

Bob and I were talking on Twitter today and he made a suggestion.  It seemed like a good one at first.  Then I thought about it more and more and realized it was a great one.  I was lamenting how poorly I have treated my lovely little blog and had mentioned how overwhelmed I was feeling trying to get the 1st novel published.  Bob said, “Maybe you should write about that experience. Lots of writers have that issue/ problem.”

His simple suggestion is the way back for me.  I was at my best, when writing about the foibles of learning woodworking.  It was a constant source of mishaps and folly.  If I write about the tales of woe in getting a book to market, I will do several things.

1)       Learn from my mistakes.  Nothing cements the words ‘Don’t Do That Again’ into one’s subconscious, like blogging about it.

2)      I may hear from some people who have helpful suggestions.

3)      I will be able to spend all my writing energy, now that Henry Wood: Perception is done, mapping out my plans to market ‘Henry Wood Detective Agency’.

4)      I will be able to polish up and make it the lovely little blog it deserves to be.

So now I have clarity.  I apologize to my readers, for getting so off track, and to my little blog, who has patiently waited for me to get my act together.

Step 1:  Announce the contest

I have decided to give away at least 2 of my tiny boxes (like the ones pictured below) and some signed copies of Henry Wood Detective Agency, when it comes out.  I am hopeful it will be in the next few weeks, though I still have some edits to do.

In order to be eligible, one will be able to enter many ways.

1)      The first method will be by leaving a comment on any of the posts between now and the launch.  Each person who does will be added to a running list of entries.  So you may be entered multiple times.  One comment = One entry.

2)      Follow the blog (Using the Google Follow Button on right).  There are currently 22 followers (All of whom will be entered into the contest)  One Follow = 5 entries

3)      There is also a FB fan page.  The same applies to it.  Henry Wood Detective Agency The 36 people who previously said ‘Like’, will get 5 entries each.

Those are just a taste of what I have in store for the contest.  I am also open to suggestions for other prizes.  We still have a few weeks, so feel free to suggest away.  (Heck, it will give you a shot at one of the tiny boxes I made.)

So now I am off to get on the Wii and do some exercising.  If I can get a bit more fit, then I won’t need as much sleep and will have more time for the caring and feeding of my blog.  I am sure @AlexandraFunFit will approve.  She is an exercise guru.