Death of a Writer: Jacqueline Howett

I have been focused on finishing the Henry Wood rewrites.  Tonight, I was going to put up some more examples, but got distracted by a book review.  Well not the book review per se, but the implosion of the author.

It seems a blogger agreed to review a self published work.  He did so and gave some valid criticisms, but said the story was pretty good.  The author went crazy and, using poor grammar and spelling, proceeded to end her writing career in one fell swoop.  She kept responding with rants that were almost too nutty to be believed.

The comments kept coming.  Then it went viral.  People stopped in from Twitter to mock this woman.  I started to feel sorry for her, and then she told one person to “F” off.  So I started to root against her.  A short while later she told someone else to “F” off.  There came a point when I considered not reading further.

But I couldn’t stop.  There were so many responses which had valuable lessons for a new writer.  I would list them here, but it would take too long.  The main point, something which I already know, is that grammar and spelling are important.  This is a weakness for me, as any regular reader can attest.   So I kept reading and reading.

By the time the end of the 309 comments had arrived, I felt badly for her again.  I don’t disagree with any of the comments and she handled it poorly.  I just hate to see anyone so badly thrashed.

I learned another important lesson.  Not only does it matter that one gets the grammar and spelling correct, when publishing, it is important to do it when blogging too.

I had never considered going back through my posts and fixing all the mistakes.  I had thought it would be quaint to have 1st drafts up where all can see.  Now I am quite sure this was a stupid idea.  So after I get Henry Wood finished, edits, corrections, and all, I will go back through and replace the mistake ridden drivel with the (hopefully) more polished chapters.

If you write and want to be ‘scared straight’ go check out this blog.


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