Henry Wood: Perception Ch 12

The curves on Cynthia Pollard’s shadow could make a priest stray from his vows.  She didn’t think of herself as having powers, but she did.  They got her the best tables, jewels, endless attention, and any man she fancied.  When she saw Daniel dining with his wife at Al Schacht’s Restaurant on E 52nd off of Park Avenue, she just sat and watched them.  The lawyer, who she was with, was much too busy talking about himself to notice she was not listening.  Before the dessert arrived she was angry and jealous.  The look he had in his eyes, for his wife, well she just couldn’t stand it.  The lawyer would forever question where the evening had gone wrong.

Like a puma she hunted and stalked her prey.  He never had a chance.  It took less than a week for her to be in position to ask for a light.  Daniel lit her cigarette and when she said thanks, paused, and added mister.  He was done.  He introduced himself and she did the same.  He bought her a drink, she let him.  They talked for a while, she laughed at all the right places, and before he knew what happened he had bought her dinner.  It wasn’t long before he was lying to his wife, and had bought her a luxury apartment in the city.

She stood in the bathroom, admiring her figure, as she brushed her long dark hair.  The phone rang.  She pulled her silk robe closed and went into the bedroom to answer.  “Hello”

Henry could tell a dangerous voice when he heard one.  “Hello, is this Miss Cynthia Pollard?”

Cynthia was already thinking about her next meal ticket.  “Yes it is.  Who might this be?”  She said in a voice which could melt butter.

Henry thought about the expression Luna would make, were she listening, which helped him stay focused.  “My name is Henry Wood.  I was wondering if there might be a time we could get together for a talk?”

“Henry, that is a nice name.”

“Thanks.”  He paused, hoping she would fill in the quiet.

The silence was almost uncomfortable when she said, “What did you want to talk about?”

Henry thought he heard some clicking on the line and didn’t answer immediately.

After a few seconds, “Henry, are you there?”

“Sorry, yes.  I would like to talk to you about your friend Mr. Kupton.”

This stunned her for a moment.  Then she assumed he was a lawyer and got excited.  “Oh Henry, are you a lawyer?”

Henry knew what she was thinking and used it.  “I prefer not to have this discussion over the phone, I am sure you understand.”

“Yes, of course.  Shall we meet?  Do you know Al Schacht’s on 52nd?”

“Sure, I know it.  You a baseball fan?”

Perplexed, “No, why do you ask?”

“Oh, it is nothing.  Yeah I know the place, great steaks.  How does 5:00 sound?”

“That is a little early for me.  What about 7:00 for drinks?”

“I will see you there.  How will I recognize you?”

In her most sultry voice, “When your jaw drops, you can pick it up and say hello,” she said as she hung up the phone.

Henry made a few notes and then called Celine into his office.  She brought in her pad.  “Celine, I forgot to mention that Lawrence is on his way over, he should be here shortly.”

“He is waiting now.”

Henry chuckled and looked at his watch.   “I love the enthusiasm.  Could you get his information, we are adding him to the payroll.  Now I just need to get him on the Long Island Iron Works payroll too.”

“Do you think our new client might be able to help?”

Henry thought about it for a second and realized it was a great idea.  He needed to talk to her anyway.  “Could you get her on the phone please?”

Celine smiled and left.

Henry put his feet up.  The clicking sound was bothering him.  He knew a guy who could check out his phone and made a note to call him.  Henry didn’t think it was on his end though.  Celine popped her head back in to inform him that Miss Silverton was on for him.

“Miss Silverton, how are you today?”

“I am well, or as well as can be expected.  Please call me Amy.”

“Amy, please call me Henry.”


“I called because I wanted to ask you something…hold on a second…sorry”  Henry put his hand over the phone and listened.  There was the clicking again.

“Sorry…I wanted to ask you a favor, only slightly related to the case.”

“Sure, anything if it will help.”

“I can’t go into details, but is there any chance you could get help my friend get a position at Long Island Iron Works?”

She thought for a moment, “Sure, I can type something up, say it got misplaced after the…well I can send it over today.  What is the guys name?”

“I will send him over today and you can get everything you need.”

“I am not sure it is necessary, but ok.”

“I also have something I want you to read, but I don’t want to tell you what it is, until you see it.  So you can form an unbiased opinion, understand?”

“No, but I trust you know what you are doing.  I will call you after I read it.  With my thoughts.”

“Thanks.  I will talk to you later.”


Henry hung up the phone and walked out into the office.  He put his finger to his lips to let Lawrence and Celine know not to talk.  “I was thinking of heading down to the bakery for a cup of jo, I am buying.”  Henry made a motion for them to follow and they both said “Sure” at the same time.

“Henry made a big deal of locking the door.  Then he slid a match into the frame by the bottom corner.”

Celine and Lawrence were dying to ask what was going on but said nothing.  They followed him and when they got outside he told them he thought the office might be bugged.  Lawrence thought it was cool, while Celine thought it was an invasion of their rights.  Before she could get up too much of a head of steam, Henry said they might be able use it to their advantage.  Then he bought them coffee.





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