I am in a foul mood tonight.  The day didn’t start out this way.  The beginning was just fine.  I awoke, ate some breakfast, and showered.  It was very typical.  The goal for the day was simple.  I wanted to hit the publish button on Henry Wood.

It has been an incredibly trying battle.  Figuring out how to make this stuff work for Kindle is hard.  I just wanted to do one simple thing today, and it seemed that I was close, but I couldn’t tell.   That was the frustrating part, the not knowing.  I posted a querry in a forum, which I have used before.  Nobody responded in a timely manner, so I went back to searching on Google.  I found some code which looked reasonable, and entered it.

A while later I found an article on zipping my html document and the title page gif file.  I even succeeded in uploading the new file to Amazon.  It seems like it is ready to go, but the preview doesn’t show my title page.  I don’t know if it is because the preview only shows a little bit, as an example of how it might look, or is it because something is wrong.  Again I asked the forum.   Again, no answers.

I found a free Kindle book on publishing on Kindle.  It was not at all helpful.  It seems that there isn’t a single really well written tutorial available.   Every step in all the intstructions I have read, makes assumptions about the knowledge base of the reader.  In each case, my understanding is not quite good enough, to figure out their instructions without getting stressed.

This is how it has been all day long.  One nightmare after another.  It has chipped away at my good mood.  Now I am just angry.  I am angry for no good reason, but I know that everything is annoying.  I tried to do some woodworking, to make me happy.  I started by doing some cleaning of the shop, but it just pissed me off too.  Then I figured I would fix the one leg which I had messed up.  Of course, I have screwed it up more.

So I cut 4 pieces of practice wood, for doing more drawer building practice.  I did succeed in getting them all cut without incident, but then I went to do the markings for the sides, and my desk lamp broke.  Are you kidding me?!  It is a really old lamp.  I have had it for 20 years.  It saddened me that the on/off switch seems to be beyond repair, but it also just made me angry.  So I sit here, ready to mark up some dovetails, to do some more practice, but the lighting isn’t really very good, and I am just too upset to continue, so I decided to write my blog.

I love writing my blog.  It always makes me feel better.  Tonight it didn’t make me feel better.  So I will just say GRRRRR and leave it at that.