48 Errors

I wanted to work on the ikebana today.  I needed to work on Henry Wood.  Want and need are two entirely different things.  The finish line is remarkably close on my first Kindle book, I can see it up ahead, and all I need to do is finish the table of contents.  Or so I thought.

As many who follow me on Twitter know, I have odd sleeping habits.  Last night, after the blahg was posted, I went to bed around midnight.  At 3 am I awoke, and could sleep no more.  I started to code the table of contents.  It didn’t take too long.  I figured that I would give it a quick check, using an online html verification tool, and it would tell me that I am a wonderful person who writes accurate code.

It told me nothing of the sort.  Instead, the tool, formed the opinion, that I was a dullard who likely had trouble getting dressed in the morning.  Before I started with the NCX code debacle, the tool had given the ‘all clear’ to Henry Wood.  So after the table of contents code was entered, by yours truly, my little novella, now had 48 errors.

The tool explains the problem with each error.  It is written, using words and language, which is designed to be understood by people, who wouldn’t be making the errors, in the first place.  I have no doubt that a seasoned programmer would be quite comfortable reading the error report.  I was intimidated, a little bit scared, and generally in over my head. 

But I am nothing if not persistent.  I read the first error message slowly.  Then I read it aloud.  I used a launguage conversion tool, and changed it to Mandarin Chinese, and found that my understanding did not improve at all.  It didn’t get worse either.

So I decided to guess at what they were trying to tell me.  I deleted a piece of the code, which seemed to be upsetting the tool, saved it, and ran it through again.  46 errors, which was an improvement of 2!  The next few hours were spent trying different ideas and I made progress.  In fact, I got down to 3.  The last three put up a fight though.

It took another 3 hours to get rid of them.  It seemed as if each guess I made, led to more errors.  Three became eight, which then dropped to five, and next became seven.  But after all this time, I was starting to understand they mysteries of the NCX code and then all of a sudden, without warning, it worked.  Zero errors!  I wept with joy.

It seems I am ready to hit the publish button.  And  yes, I could.  But I read a comment in a forum, which has given me one more task to complete.  It has been said, it looks more professional to have a title page.  The poster suggested creating it in photoshop, then including it as a jpg file.

This sounds relatively easy, but I don’ t know how to include photos/jpg files.  It is another step on the learning curve, one which I want to learn anyway, so I might as well give it a go.  Here is the title page I have created.  I hope it looks ok. 


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